On the far side of Koh Nang Yuan starting at around 5 meters below the surface and dropping to a depth of 18 metres is Twin Peaks or just “Twins”.

This is an ideal site for beginners due to its depth and ease of navigation.

The rocks are embedded into white sand and there is no shortage of marine life here. A friendly pair of rare saddleback clownfish and be found to the western side of the larger of the Twins.

Recently Twins was expanded with the addition of the Buoyancy World Artificial dive site.

There are two main pinnacles, which top out 6-10m from the surface, depending on the tides. These pinnacles are made up of many huge granite boulders, which have been home to all kinds of marine life for thousands of years. Divers can descend down a mooring line or in open water and explore the nooks and crannies for the usual Thai marine life, such as Moray Eels (Gymnothorax0, Angelfish (Pomacanthidae), sting rays and Triggerfish (Balistoides).

In addition to the anemones, lots of hard and soft corals and sponges are home to all kinds of interesting and colourful creatures. The depth and visibility of this Koh Tao dive site are ideal for good diving experiences, without the worry of strong currents too often. All of this makes up for an ideal dive site for anyone from beginners to experienced PADI Divemasters. Between the pinnacles is an area of sand, which is the most likely place to spot a stingray or whip ray.

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