Chumphon Pinnacle

Chumphon pinnacle is a submerged rock formation in the Gulf of Thailand. It is the largest dive site of the “Big Three” (Southwest Pinnacle, Sail Rock and Chumphon Pinnacle). Situated approximately half way between Koh Tao and the harbor town of Chumphon, the site is easily accessible from all islands of the Samui Archipelago as well as from the main land. Because of the diversity of the marine life, it is the favorite dive site for many of the local scuba diving centers. From large whale sharks that can often times be encountered to small critters, the site has it all.

With crystal clear water offering great visibility most days in the season, divers can see that one huge boulder creates a plateau, which lies at about 12 metres from the surface.

Around this there are other smaller (but still very large) boulders scattered around. The dive orientation is north-south and the surrounding sea bed is 35-40+ metres from the surface.

At the south end of Chumphon Pinnacle the rocks split up a little, creating more areas to swim around and search for interesting creatures. Having a shallowest point of 12 metres requires scuba divers to descend quickly to the pinnacle top, as there is nothing to do or see until they get there.

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